Intuition advantage is:


Works on desktop, smartphone and tablet platforms


Like, Share and Comment on network posts and updates


Analyze formal and informal learning in your organization


Find information easily and quickly


Tailor to your organizational needs    


Provide valuable insights to clients

Follow Activities in Your Organization

Advantage news feed enables you to view and track activities in your organization. It provides a live stream of all news items and activities, photos and videos, web links and more posted by your connections and fellow network members.

Find Experts


advantage facilitates workflow by connecting employees with skilled co-workers and internal subject matter experts, exchanging knowledge and sharing information relevant to their roles.

Establish Networks

Networks represent your affiliations with professional communities or business groups within your organization. Create or join networks for global offices, different departments or to collaborate on work projects.

Unlock Hidden Knowledge


advantage provides access to your organization’s entire knowledge base allowing employees to find information easily and quickly.

Access Formal Learning Content

advantage facilitates formal and informal learning. Assign and track formal learning content assigned to your employees.

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