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advantage is more than just a social enterprise network

It is the only platform that brings your organization’s knowledge
together in a single, secure location.

advantage is a single integrated platform which combines a:

Knowledge Management Platform


Social Learning Platform

Corporate University

Capture full knowledge potential

Employees’ knowledge comes from:

10% - formal learning programs
20% - mentoring, feedback and discussion with others
70% - on the job experience

Unlock the full knowledge potential in your organization by sharing all your formal learning and informal knowledge in a single location, making it easier for employees to access the information they need to work more effectively.

Make your business social

Embrace the change towards a more social and user centric work environment enabling employees to engage with each other across geographical and organizational boundaries to access critical information instantly.

Get involved from anywhere

Monitor, act and comment on the latest developments across your networks, connections and relevant topics wherever you are in a secure environment.

See how advantage can add value to your business?

Customer Service
Human Resources
New Hires
Employees Leaving or Change Roles
Integrated Learning Support

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